Activities of the AITVM and the member institutes

Activities of the AITVM and its members are:

  • Education in animal health and production
  • Performing and facilitating collaborative research
  • Creating opportunuties for meetings of experts and young scientists
  • Developing and maintaining networks of scientists
  • Creating a data base of scientific information
  • Providing an information service by resource persons.

Implementation of the activities

  • 3-yearly organisation of the AITVM international Conference
  • Undergraduate (BVSc, DVM) and postgraduate education (MSc Courses, PhD research and courses)
  • Inventory of MSc course modules at AITVM institutions
  • Research on tropical animal health and production
  • Organisation of symposiums, conferences, courses, workshops etc. by the member institutes
  • Networks and joint projects
  • Scientific publications and newsletters
  • AITVM website with the profiles of member institutes and details of their activities