Chapter 3 Admission of member institutions and termination of membership

Article 4

The Association is composed of:

  • Twelve Founding Member Institutions (hereafter called Founding Members) as named in Annex 1.
  • Member Institutions (hereafter called Members).
  1. Founding Member Institutions and Member Institutions are represented in the General Assembly by a staff member of the respective Institution. The name and function of the Representative is officially forwarded by the Institution in writing to the President of the Association.
  2. Founding Members and Members are entitled to vote.
  3. Observers, individuals or legal entities, can be invited to take part in the work of the Association’s bodies and express an opinion if the General Assembly or by delegation, the Executive Committee gives its consent.

Article 5

The Membership of the Association is open to all public institutions, being Universities, Faculties, Departments or Institutes, which are active in the field of tropical animal health and/or production. These institutions are eligible for Membership on condition they adhere to the Statutes of the Association and pay an Annual Membership Fee, the amount of which is fixed annually by the General Assembly or, by delegation, by the Executive Committee.

Article 6

Qualification for Membership entails:

  • Fulfilling the conditions defined in Article 5.
  • Requesting admission from the President of the Association, who will submit the request to the Standing Committee for approval.

Article 7

Membership shall cease under the following circumstances:

  • By written resignation presented to the President. The resignation will take effect at the end of the calendar year corresponding to the last Membership Fee paid.
  • By exclusion pronounced by the Standing Committee as a result of non-payment of Fees for two consecutive years.
  • By exclusion as a result of a decision of two-thirds of the Members present, or represented, at the General Assembly.